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Day 15: Still Voice

As I was praying about what to write for today's devotional, I realized how I have barely stopped to just breathe and center my mind on Christ today. In a world that says busyness and full schedules are what equal success and happiness, we must remember how God called us to live differently. Nothing wrong with being busy or having a full schedule, but when our lives begin to revolve around all the things we "need" to do, our lives are no longer bowed down in worship to our King.

I totally get it. Life gets busy. But we can choose to slow down, to be more intentional in what we choose to give our time, attention, and affection to. Currently, I am working two jobs and in grad school and I am not saying that to brag about my tight schedule but to truly say I understand! As God began to reveal this to me today though, I realized how I had just ran a sprint through my day. Life is a marathon and if we don't pace ourselves we will burn out. What I mean by that is if we constantly give ourselves to a life of distraction we miss just that-- life itself and all God can do in our short time on Earth.

Here is the thing... when we actually slow down, we notice more, we become more aware. When we read about Jesus in the Bible we see many occasions when He would step away from the crowds to go to the quiet, secluded places to be with the Father. We could learn a lot from that. If Jesus, our Savior, took time away from even the very good things in life-- His disciples, friends and family, even His ministry-- then we most certainly need to learn to take a step back and a step away to be with our God.

In a world so loud and hectic it's so easy to lose sight of purpose and focus. But when we stop to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, God's voice, we see the purpose in the seemingly small moments and how they all have purpose. And more importantly, we do what creation does best at heart--- worshipping our Creator.

We often hear God's voice being that still, small voice. By still, small that does not mean weak. It most certainly does not mean weak or insecure or not authoritative. It means that God speaks differently to us than how the world speaks. He needs not to roar above the noise of our busy schedules, He needs not to scream over our hectic, roaming minds and full days... He is God, there is no competing with Him. He speaks differently because He offers different from what the world offers. The world offers temporary happiness and money, quick satisfaction and momentary adrenaline rushes. The Lord offers us everlasting joy, riches stored up in Heaven that nothing and no one on Earth or Hell could steal away, He offers peace yet a wild adventure with a Love solid through and through Who satisfies us for good yet being with Him is like falling in love--- You just can't get enough of Him. That's my Father. That's the still small voice.

So while you were roaming around today like I was, I pray you were urged to stop from it all for a few moments. I pray you, today and every day, will be intentional in setting aside time in the quiet place with Abba. For it is only there that we are satisfied and find meaning, love, and true life again. Because life aside from Him is no life at all.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12:2



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