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Day 6: Longing

In the depths of my soul, I feel a yearning, a yearning for more... Completely satisfied in Him, yet can't get enough of Him, our God is an ever-filling love that is so overwhelming we can't contain it. We don't fully understand such perfect love, we are flawed, we wander, we run, we fall, and we come crawling back... but He still remains.

"Fill my empty space... Be my One and Only..." I hear the words of this song (One by United Pursuit) play and my heart sings along. God, let this life of mine not be an empty place, an empty space I try to fill with the things of this world or any other soul other than Your very own, God. Be my One and Only, truly, Lord. I long for you.

Let us long. Let us long for more, to draw closer to our King. To stop putting everything and everyone else first, and to instead return... Return to our Savior. Our One and Only. Lovers come and lovers go, the mountains crumble and the seas roar, the valleys remain low, the mountains still high, we laugh, we cry, we prance through the gardens and crawl through the seasons of dryness, yet through it all... He remains. At the end of the day when all our efforts may come to ruin and our daydream-filled hours come to a rest, the Creator is still there, awaiting our return with arms wide open. God wasn't just waiting on you to return to Him as the prodigal, He still waits on your return to Him every day.

Cause you know, He longs for you too. He longs for you to come back home to Him and simply be with Him. Crazy, right? The Creator, Abba Himself doesn't need us yet we need Him, and He still is the one who is constantly pursuing our hearts far more intensely than we could ever imagine. Don't get me wrong though, He is not desperate, not anywhere near it, no... He doesn't need our praise and attention to be worthy of it, He doesn't need us at all-- He is simply God, glorious and Almighty and worthy of all praise despite you and I. Yet He still desires our hearts in unity with Himself.

What a kind, kind Father... Who invites us in. His redemption plan, Jesus dying on the cross and raising to life again, tearing the veil between God and mankind... it was all driven by His love for us. So that we could come to Him freely, without having to make any sacrifice other than our time-- which really is a gift from Him anyway. So let's take some time today and every day, friends, to be with this Father we claim is good... Because He is, in fact, so very, very good and He longs to fulfill that place in our hearts which only He can.

"For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things." Psalm 107:9



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