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Day 17: Wildflower

I love wildflowers. The ones that a lot of people call weeds, they are still so beautiful to me. One of my favorite things to see is a little flower growing through the cracks of sidewalks, or vines growing over old, abandoned buildings bringing new life to the old and devastated. While there are plenty of plants that have negative effects by taking over different places and objects with the amount of growth they produce, there are still those random few tiny buds you see peeking through the scars of the ground, bringing color to lifeless settings, bringing new life. And that is something so beautiful to behold: new life birthing from the damaged. In the dirt and grime where no one would expect to see something come to life, a little flower pushes through the dark, making its way to the light, allowing itself to grow in those places people never expected.

There are times and seasons in life that we feel we will never survive. There is pain, heartbreak, and tears that feel like they will last forever. There are extremely dark times in our lives when we come to the end of ourselves and cannot find anything to numb the pain and give us hope... But there is One... there is One who can heal those broken places, bring hope, and bring life out of the broken places.

When we come to the end of ourselves, to these places that feel dead inside us and like nothing can bring us back to life, there is only One who can restore our souls and bring us back to life, better than before. In your darkest season, in your weakest place, in the areas of life, the situations you face, and things you go through that others see and say are hopeless... where no one expects you to grow much less survive, there is a God who makes the impossible happen. When we plant our hope in God, when we lay it all down at His feet and sink our roots, our souls into the soils of redemption, we are the little flowers growing through the cracks in the ground.

There is no cut too deep, no damage too massive, no situation too hopeless for the God of restoration. When all seems lost and like you've been planted in a dark place, the God of miracles causes the seed to sprout and burst forth, blooming vibrant new life out of us... bringing beauty from ashes, using the once-dead things inside of us-- the hopes and dreams and passions-- to birth something new. Bringing the dead to life. Don't hold back, child. Give Him your all, and watch--- wait for it--- as our Almighty, Sovereign Father turns your mourning into dancing, as He breaks you through the darkness, growing up and out into the light as what you've always been... a beautiful wildflower.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

"As surely as seeds sprout and grow, The Sovereign Lord will save his people, And all the nations will praise him." Isaiah 61:11



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