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Day 15: Just to Rest

As I sat down to write tonights devotional, I found myself in such a tired state. One minute I was sitting up about to start writing something that came to mind, the next I'm waking up with my head on my laptop keyboard and the page before me filled with a long trail of jumbled letters my forehand left behind."God, what do you want me to write? I am so tired, I don't think I can type a single thing. Please wake me up, give me energy..." As I found myself saying this prayer, I felt the Lord speak something that is so easy to forget in our fast-paced society. He began to remind me of my call to rest in Him.

There is a reason that rest is the root of the word restoration. In order for our bodies, minds, our souls to heal and be restored to a healthier state, we need rest. We need time away from our screens, we need time to stop going 100 miles an hour, we need time away from self-medicating with self-care tactics that don't fill us up with what our souls truly need. We need rest. Not sleeping away our days, no... We need true rest that only our Creator can give us.

When your soul is weary and you can't keep your mind from going, rest in Him. When you aren't sure what to do in a situation or what next steps to take, rest in Him. If you are simply awakening to a new day the Lord has blessed you with... rest in Him. Resting in Him means letting go of all our worries, laying it at His feet, and trusting Him. It means throwing away your own agenda so you can simply be in His presence and hear what He wants to say, letting Him renew your soul.

Today's devotional is intentionally brief. There is no word I could give you that could ever compare to the word God has for you specifically and that He wants to directly speak to you, right now, at this very moment. So make time today to rest in His peaceful, life-changing, restoring, powerful presence. It is amazing the difference time with our King makes in our hearts and lives. He desires this sweet time, this sweet moment with you... so soak it up, the Father wants to show you what restoration looks like and how magnificent it is when we come to our loving Abba... just to rest.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28



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