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Day 14: Simply Strong

Strong. This was never a word I would use to describe myself. Yet the word keeps coming up...

Recently I’ve been struggling. I know God is preparing me for something. I know He has called me out of my comfort zone, out of routine. And my thoughts often wander back to times I was scared. To when I ran. To when I avoided. To when I didn’t have the strength. But then God reminded me. He reminded me that in those times, He picked me up, He pulled me out of the pit, and He was my strength. And because I am His daughter and His spirit lives inside me, I am strong.

God has been teaching me to not be afraid of the strength He put inside my soul. On my own am I weak? Absolutely. But with Him, I am strong. And I can say that. I can live in a way that shows I believe that truth. And I can stop being afraid of opportunities, peoples opinions, leaps of faith, endings and new beginnings, and fear itself. And I can stop questioning and being afraid of the strength inside me.

You don't have to be afraid anymore. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives inside you. Truly, read those words out loud to yourself and let it sink it. Soak it up. His strength, His living, real, all-powerful strength is living, pulsing inside of your very being. We have the opportunity to tap into that. We have the amazing opportunity to let go of our fears and situations and to let God take over and be our strength. We have the opportunity to be genuinely, truly, the definition of strong. No matter the situations and circumstances. To be simply strong.

He has called you out, child. He has anointed you. He put His strength inside you, not so that you could keep living average but so you can live as the bold, courageous, loved child of God you are. If you’re looking for permission to stop being afraid and to embrace the strength inside you, here it is... now let’s live it out.

"The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you." Romans 8:11



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