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Day 5: The One that Doesn't Run

Have you ever felt completely alone? Like you've come to a point where everyone has given up on you, walked out on you, or simply isn't there anymore? No matter how many loving people surround us in life, I'm sure most of us can still say we've had a time where we have felt alone and abandoned.

Often times in relationships we try to keep our guard up, especially in the beginning. We test the waters to see how real we can be, to see how the other person reacts to our flaws. But eventually they see who we are, as a flawed human being, and that's where the harder stuff comes in. That's where the questions like, "will they stay or will they run?" come in to haunt us. That's when we see if there is genuine love there, if they stick it out through the hard stuff. If we are honest though, even the most loving person in our life will at some point fail.

There is still hope though. Even when the whole world flees and fades, there is one who will always remain: your Creator. When you run from Him, when you curse at Him, when you are angry, question Him, completely ignore and reject Him... He's still there. When you sin and sin, when you mess up time and time again, when you try to hide it all from the world around you, He still sees everything you've done and do, and here's the amazing thing--- He chooses to remain.

The world calls lovers hopeless romantics but when you accept the love of Jesus you become a hope-filled romantic because you have eternal access to the Lover who sees every part of you and still doesn't flee.

So if you are feeling alone here's the truth whether you believe it or not... God is still there. He still cares, He still sees, He still knows you-- the real you-- and He still wants you. When all else fails, for it will all fail, and hopefully, before you ever try everything else, I pray you turn to the truth, to real love... to the One who doesn't run.

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8



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