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These Legs

I remember in high school a girl called me “chunk legs”, a boy at youth camp cat-calling saying I had “thick calves for a tiny girl”, I remember getting uncomfortable anytime anyone even made a kind compliment about my legs, avoiding wearing my favorite dresses, doing Pilates routines over and over to try to elongate and slenderize my short, muscular legs, and I definitely remember saying I would never be able to wear boyfriend fit jeans or mom jeans because of my shape. And here I am today, rocking and loving the mom fit jeans.

It’s crazy how the tiniest, most insignificant comments from others can throw us down a path of insecurity. And then insecurity leads to fear and fear leads to avoiding the things you love, your dreams, passions, and calling. I’m not just talking about body comments... I’m talking about things people say in passing that make us feel dumb, insignificant, worthless, dirty, unworthy. I remember being that girl who let every little comment get to me... the girl who was pretty on the outside but the inside was filled with an ugly war of turmoil and self-hatred. Over the last few years, God has done miracle over miracle in my heart. I’ve been asked, shockingly, quite a bit by younger girls how I am so confident and what the “glow” is that I have. That’s the Lord. The joy of the Lord, confidence in the identity He has given me, assurance in His goodness and that I am the beautiful masterpiece He says I am. These legs have ran, walked, and skipped miles upon miles. These legs have been scarred and bruised, cut and sore. These legs have taken me through ancient palaces in India and upon freezing glaciers in Alaska. These legs have crossed, laid, and kneeled on the floor as I’ve cried out to God. These legs have walked steadily through heavy resistance caused by pain, rejection, and heartbreak, and have joyously pranced through promises received, new seasons, and growth. These legs are a gift from heaven and these legs will carry me through the darkest places on earth to pull out the captives and the enslaved from the dark and bring them into the light, these legs will carry me to the nations to share the love and freedom of Jesus Christ. You, beloved, are beautiful. You are loved. What the world sees as a flawed mess, the Maker sees as His magnificent child in whom He delights. You have a purpose, a unique calling on your life. That flaw you can’t forget, that may be the very thing that is used as a testimony to save a life.

Speak truth over yourself and others today. Your life is a gift, stop taking it for granted.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10



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