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Day 20: Beyond Seasons

A few hours ago I went hiking with some friends and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was almost 70 degrees, the sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. This past Thursday, however, it was some of the coldest temperatures Georgia has seen in years, there was snow on the ground, and the roads were icy. It was in the span of just a few days that the weather, the atmosphere completely shifted.

As quickly as the weather changes, the season of life you are in can change. The season God has you in is for your good. Live like you believe that. It will be over before you know it. Soak up where God has you. Though you may be in winter right now, your spring is coming. The growth, the new life is coming forth. So take what you can from the season of storing up, of hibernating in constant prayer and rest. This season is preparing you for the blessings, the promises to come.

But don't stop there. We should always be in constant prayer and communion with the Lord despite the current situations or seasons of life we are in. No matter how great, or how dry the season may feel.

Often times, we magnify the season we are in so much that we aren't truly glorifying the Creator of the seasons, of the lessons, the blessings, of all. We enter a season of receiving promises and blessings and we magnify the actual blessing more than the Blesser. We are "stuck" in a season of waiting and fasting and we praise our desperate cries and pleas to get out more than we praise the Lord Himself. Seasons weren't meant to make your praise to God fluctuate, they are meant to glorify Him more increasingly, no matter how grand or quiet the season may seem.

There is a song called Seasons Change by United Pursuit and the main lines from the beginning say "Though the music changes and the songs we sing, we still lift our praises to our loving God and King. Though the seasons change, Your love remains". That should be our hearts cry, always. Always praising Him, growing in Him, loving Him, and simply glorifying Him. He is bigger than your current situation and circumstances, and His love and pursuit of our hearts is always constant. No matter where you are at today, at the peak of your winter or the beginning of your spring, let us always turn our attention, love, and praise to the one and only constant Lover, to the One who is beyond seasons.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

"He alone is your God, the only one who is worthy of your praise, the one who has done these mighty miracles that you have seen with your own eyes." Deuteronomy 10:21

"I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all He has done. I will rejoice in His great goodness to Israel, which He has granted according to His mercy and love."

Isaiah 63:7



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